teknowlogy Group has a unique and comprehensive offer combining subscription-based access to content and business information, market research and certain consulting services.


teknowlogy Group has a unique positioning thanks to :

  1. its unparalleled portfolio of research, studies and advice to guide go-to-market decisions and strategies in an ever-changing IT environment.
  2. its ability to respond to the growing need for local understanding of the needs of user companies in any industry and local vendors and suppliers that U.S.-based global players are failing to adequately address.
  3. its vision and knowledge, critical and independent, to assess and adapt to the paradigm shift brought about by the rapid expansion of the cloud.


Our vision

Regardless of size or sector, all businesses must deal with the exponential complexity of the technologies that are driving the digital transformation. They need solid information, inspiration and confidence to make multiple, decisive and interconnected choices to grow, realize and flourish.
Vendors need to establish proximity with end-users to be a driving force for transformation. In addition, it is essential to understand the needs of each business sector.
At teknowlogy Group, we connect the present to the future.


Our mission

We are a content-based company with a consulting DNA. We are the preferred partner of European user companies to define their IT strategy, manage their teams and projects, and reduce the risks associated with technological choices for a successful business transformation.
We are fully aware of market trends and IT users' expectations. We then help software publishers and IT services companies to better define, execute and promote their own strategy, in line with market needs and anticipating tomorrow's expectations.