Why change our name?

teknowlogy Group is the leading independent European research and consulting firm in the fields of digital transformation, software, and IT services. The group is made up of 4 entities, CXP, PAC, BARC and Ardour, which work together and in a complementary way to offer their clients a 360° view of the markets in a spirit of partnership and shared vision. If these 4 brands have a strong individual value, bringing them together under the same banner, while keeping the DNA of each one, is a guarantee of the creation of a collective intelligence based on multiple experiences and expertise, as well as a methodological and agile way of working.


“Since our strength comes from our complementarities and different perspectives and the group is stronger than the mere sum of its parts, we had to find a new name – unique, meaningful, supportive and unifying”, says Yannick Carriou, Chairman and CEO of teknowlogy Group.


Why teknowlogy?

At the heart of this new brand is knowledge (-know-), a fundamental and founding element of the group. Indeed, teknowlogy Group is a high value-added content company based on strong expertise, data, analysis and methodical organization (the suffix -logy comes from the Latin -logia, used in the names of sciences or bodies of knowledge).

Yannick Carriou, Chairman and CEO of teknowlogy Group explains:

“As all this applies to technology, the name became obvious! We are aware some of our clients might have problems spelling the new name at first, but it also gives us the opportunity to explain to them what the name stands for. This small “orthographic hurdle” also reflects our desire to be unique, to offer something special. »

This name change will also be followed by several announcements of new innovative offers for teknowlogy Group clients. To be continued…


Céline Dufour

Responsable Marketing & Communication du groupe Teknowlogy