The spread of the coronavirus that started in China at the end of 2019 has now spread across the globe, disorganizing countries and companies. The confinement of the French, decreed on Monday, March 16, has led to the shutdown of production plants and a slowdown in trade. Companies were obliged to introduce teleworking for their employees.

All these decisions were taken in an emergency in order to slow down the spread of the virus and to relieve congestion in care units. The economic and financial consequences of this health crisis are not yet known.

This situation is the starting point for this white paper.

This white paper recalls the main principles of crisis management as seen by General Management – essentially the organizational and regulatory aspects. It then describes what the CIO’s first aid kit could be when faced with a major crisis.

The document also defines the best approach to strengthen the IT department’s resilience in the face of these exceptional events.

And finally, we propose a list of choices of new software technologies that we believe are appropriate in any crisis management.

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Crisis management: adapting your information system to a major crisis or pandemic


Céline Dufour

Responsable Marketing & Communication du groupe Teknowlogy